Neptune joins BIMCO

Maritime security company becomes one of a handful to join BIMCO.

Neptune Achieves BIMCO Associate Membership Status

Neptune Maritime Security is pleased to announce that, as an ISO PAS 28007-certified company, it has been granted Associate Member status of BIMCO, one of the world’s largest shipping associations, responsible for approximately 65 per cent of the world’s tonnage, with members in more than 120 countries.

Membership of BIMCO, combined with ISO PAS 28007 certification, means that clients can rest assured that Neptune is able to conduct operations safely and has the necessary internal governance in place.

In a recent BIMCO bulletin discussing the offer of Associate Membership to ISO PAS 28007-certified PMSCs, Giles Noakes, BIMCO’s Chief Maritime Security Officer, said:
“This action is being taken in full confidence of the suitability of ISO PAS 28007 (BIMCO has been intimately involved in its development and GUARDCON is used as an example of a standard contract within the ISO PAS) and to encourage all PMSCs to progress down this route as the only comprehensive, legally-safe method for members to select the right company.”

Carl Sykes, Neptune’s MD, said:
“Associate Membership of BIMCO marks the end of a long period where Neptune has actively pushed for greater governance and oversight in the maritime security industry. I’m delighted that the company has achieved membership of such an august body and hope that the move will go some way to allay concerns potential clients may have about armed security provision in the maritime environment.”

Neptune offers clients a range of bespoke security and consultancy services throughout the maritime and offshore domains. For further details, please contact: or visit:

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