Al-Shabaab take over stranded ship

Kenyan ship runs into difficulties and is boarded, locals say.

Al-Shabaab take over stranded Kenyan ship and crew members

Mogadishu (Harar24) – A Kenyan-owned ship which dropped off goods at Mogadishu’s seaport and was headed towards Mombasa stranded at a small Somali seaside village in the Middle Shabelle province, according to local villagers.

After experiencing what seems like technical difficulties the ship stranded at the village of Meyraley, situated around 120 KM North-east from Mogadishu. According to witnesses the ship was subjected to being looted by locals who mainly consist of fishermen after they attacked the ship.

According to one of the investors into the ship who spoke to Harar24, it stranded at the village this morning due to some technical difficulties. “After the ship stranded some locals aboard boats attacked the ship and began looting, they took different kind of equipments.” said the investor. “We are trying to contact elders from the area to intervene and guarantee the safety of the crew members” he added.

However shortly after Al-Shabaab fighters arrived at the scene with several vehicles, including pick-up trucks from their stronghold ‘Adale town, around 30 KM away. Eyewitnesses said that the militants who were well-armed and had their faces covered demanded the crew members to surrender, and thereafter drove off with them in their vehicles.

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