Armed robbery on board LNG tanker

Armed robbers board ship and assault crew.

Armed robbery on board LNG tanker

An armed robbery occurred on board the LNG Tanker Virgo Gas on 28 June 2014 at 2200 hours two and half nautical miles off the Port of Spain docks in the Port of Port of Spain. The vessel was boarded by eight or ten men off the stern and sides of the vessel, who assaulted and robbed the Master and some crew members.

It was reported that the men were armed with machetes, knives, one 9mm pistol and pieces of wood. They assaulted and robbed the Master and crew members holding them captive for approximately thirty minutes. Representatives of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service are conducting investigations.

The Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard is aware of the armed robbery incident and has commenced scheduled and unscheduled patrols of the area.

Though such attacks are not frequent, criminal elements take opportunities when and where available. The Maritime Services Division is very concerned about what happened and will be liaising with the relevant agencies to review and revise the current plans and systems for maritime security to prevent reoccurrences.

Ship owners, masters and crews of vessels are advised to review their Ship Security Plans to increase the level of surveillance and vigilance on board. Clear and comprehensive Ship Security Plans and the training of crews in security measures are essential in order to reduce the risks in the event of an attack. They are also advised to devise means of response, to take appropriate measures to minimise and mitigate the risks of armed robbery, report such attacks and cooperate in criminal investigations if requested to do so.

Source: Shipping Association of Trinidad and Tobago

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