Busting up Somali pirate attacks

Pirates won’t tackle ships with armed guards.

Busting up Somali pirate attacks one ship at a time

Shipping security consultant says 9 times out of 10 pirates turn tail when they seem armed guards on the boats. But the war against piracy isn’t entirely over.

By Mike Pflanz

When they speed up to a lumbering ship, the main thing Somalian pirates do not want to see are armed guards. With fewer ships now being boarded in the Indian Ocean, security analysts are giving credit to the hiring of private guards who quickly display their defensive weapons on the deck of a ship as it gets scoped out by potential attackers in pirate skiffs.

David C., a former British Marine commando who fought in Iraq and Sierra Leone, talked with the Monitor out his new job as a private security team leader for shipping that runs in sensitive waters off the Somalia coast. The interview was conducted for a Monitor Focus story on progress in dealing with piracy, found here.

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Source: news.yahoo.com

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One Reply to “Busting up Somali pirate attacks”

  1. Med

    With Best Management Practices adopted by the shipping industry – the number of piracy attacks has gone down as well . But it is too early to declare “victory” as counter-piracy measures might only be adequate for now since on-land issues of arms , and pirates “dens” has not been dealt with.

    More so there is a believe that pirates would upgrade their armories and became more daring with fast boats , mounted guns with long range capacity)we could be in for a difficult ahead time.

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