Diesel smugglers charged in SE Asia

Smuggling a major issue in the region.

Three smugglers charged yesterday and more to come

Three foreign ship captain involved in the smuggling of subsidised diesel was charged at Session Court of Kota Tinggi Johor yesterday.  Johor is the hotbed of human trafficking and smuggling activities involving subsidised fuel, control food items, and cigarette.

In the presence of honourable Salawati binti Jamhari, Myanmar Kyaw Zay Yaa, Thai Pak Bunk Long and Indonesian Hasanul Idris were charged under regulation 3 (1), Regulation of Controlled Supply (Peraturan 3 (1) Peraturan Kawalan Bekalan).

Except for the Thai ship captain, the other two captains admitted guilt and will pay fines of RM100,000 failing which they will face a one month prison term. The ship and goods are confiscated by the Malaysian government.

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Source: anotherbrickinwall.blogspot.co.uk

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