Maritime crime and its effects

Conference seeks new approaches to tackle maritime crime and piracy.

Conference: Maritime Crime and the Effects on Growth and Development in the African Region’ 7 October 2014

Throughout the last decade, maritime crime and not least piracy, armed robbery and hijackings have imposed substantial cost and used up a vast amount of resources in the maritime industry. Furthermore, these criminals are a constant threat to the crew and vessels essential to the world trade.

The potential growth in the maritime industry have been reduced by ingenuous villains with limited technical knowledge, limited seamanship skills and limited resources. Mitigation efforts are often reactive to the crimes committed and periodically the pirates and criminals have held the initiative. However, as some opportunities fade, new possibilities and growth markets arise.

To challenge the criminals of today and tomorrow and to seek new approaches to maritime security challenges we will host a seminar titled:  ‘Maritime Crime and the Effects on Growth and Development in the African Region’

Risk Intelligence, together with the Danish Shipowner’s Association and Oceans Beyond Piracy, supported by Danish shipowner Clipper, will host the seminar in Copenhagen during Danish Maritime Days on 7 October 2014.

This seminar will focus on how the shipping industry, the international community and African countries can work together to foster maritime security and economic growth and development.

Please visit the seminar’s webpage for an up-to-date agenda here Danish Maritime Days. Please remind that confirmation of your participation should be send no later than 26 September 2014 to the following If you have any questions regarding this event, please do not hesitate to contact us.

About Danish Maritime Days:

Danish Maritime Days is a major new event for the global maritime industry. It will bring together a broad spectrum of leaders from across the industry with the objective to find new solutions to the most important challenges facing the industry today and in the future. With many events – including conferences, briefings, exhibitions, symposia, company visits, receptions and dinners – planned throughout the week of 6-10 October 2014 – Danish Maritime Days will be an opportunity to meet peers from around the world, to make new connections, to be inspired and to pave the way for new partnerships. More information at:


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