Pirate arrest pleases Seychelles

Garfanji responsible for the hijacking of the Seychellois fishing boat, FV Aride. 

Seychelles rejoicing the arrest of Somali pirate Mohamed Garfanji responsible for the kidnapping and torture of two Seychellois fishermen

By: Rassin Vannier

Mohamed Garfanji which is considered one of the most powerful Somali pirates originally spectacular catches of vessels, was arrested Sunday evening in the company of several of his armed bodyguards.

He was also the cause of the kidnapping and torture of Rolly Tambara and Marc Songoire.

These two Seychellois fishermen had spent over a year in captivity in the hands of Somali pirates, in difficult conditions before being released.

“The Government of Seychelles has been actively committed to its efforts to the alleged pirate is brought to justice, because it would be responsible for the kidnapping and torture of two Seychellois fishermen and the hijacking of vessels flying the flag of Seychelles “continues the statement said.

The Seychelles government welcomes the efforts of the Somali government after stopping the criminal in Mogadishu late Sunday night, the Seychelles government sees this as a positive step towards ensuring security in the Indian Ocean.

Seychelles had issued an international arrest warrant through Interpol against Mohamed Garfanji.

Interior Minister and Transport, Joel Morgan expressed his satisfaction at the arrest. “This arrest sends a clear message that there will be no impunity for those who engage in the activities of piracy and crime profiting from the suffering of their victims will be brought to justice and suffer the consequences their crimes, “said Minister Morgan.

Rolly Tambara and Marc Songoire are two Seychelles to have spent the longest time in captivity in the hands of Somali pirates.

At the height of Somali piracy in 2011, the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) had recorded 237 attacks attributed to Somali pirates across the Indian Ocean – the Somali coast in the Arabian Sea and the pirates held 736 hostages and over 32 merchant ships.

In 2013, he has recorded five, all of which failed. Hackers no longer hold a ship of importance and forty sailors.

Seychelles play an important role in the fight against piracy in the Indian Ocean region, judging those responsible for acts of piracy.

In the Seychelles prison “Mountain Asked” is currently 61 Somali pirates, 38 were convicted and 23 are waiting for their judgments.

Source: seychellesnewsagency.com

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