UNCTAD: trends in maritime piracy

United Nations publishes report into piracy.

UNCTAD overview of trends in maritime piracy

UNCTAD has recently published a two-part report considering the costs and trade-related implications of maritime piracy and taking stock of regulatory and other initiatives pursued by the international community in an effort to combat piracy.

Part I of the report presents overall trends in maritime piracy and related crimes, and highlights some of the key issues at stake by focusing on its costs and broader trade-related implications.

Part II of the report provides an overview of the contemporary international legal regime for countering piracy and identifies key examples of international cooperation and multilateral initiatives to combat the phenomenon.

The importance of oceans and seas for trade-led economic prosperity has increased in tandem with growth in the world economy, global merchandise trade and maritime transport activity. However, increased international trade volumes and value have also heightened the exposure and vulnerability of international shipping as a potential target for piracy, armed robbery and other crimes.

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