Captured and beaten by pirates

Captain of MT Hai Soon 6 has harrowing ordeal.

Captured and beaten by pirates

The punches flew fast and hard into his abdomen.

When they finally stopped, Mr Yeo Eu Loone  caught his breath and looked up Рonly to see a shotgun pointing at his head. The trigger was pulled twice but the shots flew past his ear and into the sea.

They were a reminder to the 38-year-old cargo officer – and 20 of his shipmates – that their lives belonged to the dozen African outlaws who had boarded the Hai Soon 6 oil tanker.

Mr Yeo was the sole Singaporean on board and had never had a gun fired at him before his ordeal off the coast of Western Africa less than three months ago.

After nine days of captivity, countless beatings, and eight weeks at sea as the Hai Soon 6 returned to Singapore, Mr Yeo finally made it home on Sept 25.

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