Navies collaborate on maritime security

Ongoing coalitions suppress and fight piracy, maritime crime.

Navies to collaborate to ensure maritime security

In a discussion at the International Sea Power Symposium at the US Naval War College last month, an informal collaboration of the world’s navies was proposed as a possible maritime security method. The arrangement wouldn’t see a formal contract that might dissuade certain nations from participating but would see the existing network of global ships combine to form a security force that could respond to natural disasters and crises and keep shipping lanes safe.

Maritime security is critical to protecting a nation from environmental destruction, illegal seaborne immigration and transnational terrorism and piracy. Crime against ships is one of the biggest concerns for maritime security as sailors and merchants often operate in high-risk areas and the Somali piracy epidemic in 2008 returned maritime piracy to the public spotlight. Somali pirates did not just board vessels and steal from onboard; they hijacked giant tankers and sailed them to port to hold for ransom for millions of dollars. Although the Somali piracy threat is now manageable, the largest threat to maritime security is from the Gulf of Guinea off West Africa, where pirates have taken to hijacking private oil tankers and offloading millions of dollars worth of oil into their own tankers to then sell on the black market.

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