UAE Concludes 4th Piracy Conference

Final day coincides with release of seven hostages. 

UAE Concludes 4th Counter Piracy Conference

International organizations in halting the rise of cross-border crimes across Africa. Various methods of enhancing coordination and intelligence sharing efforts were discussed as critical measures in the fight against crime and maritime piracy.

Breakout session B entailed fruitful analysis and recommendations regarding initiatives and contributions provided by the industry in supporting capacity building efforts and improving livelihoods in Somalia. An examination of these past initiatives enabled the development of new recommendations that could foster long-term stability and security in the region.

The third breakout session, C, enveloped a robust discussion on terrorist groups and illicit criminal networks which provided an understanding of these groups’ motives and needs as a major stepping stone in determining future requirements in the security sector. Discussing changes in criminal and terrorist capability and tactics provided an insight on potential ways regional forces can combat threats.

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