US, India deepen maritime ties

Indian PM’s visit to US sees new agreements. 

U.S., India Deepening Maritime Security Ties

U.S. President Barack Obama and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi agreed on Tuesday to deepen U.S.-Indian cooperation on maritime security to ensure freedom of navigation in what amounts to a response to China’s naval muscle-flexing in Asia.

The agreement emerged from two days of talks between Obama and the new Indian prime minister as they worked to revitalize a relationship hurt by a heated diplomatic dispute at the turn of the year and flagging optimism about India as a place to do business before the reform-minded Modi came to power in May.

Obama and Modi, speaking to reporters in the Oval Office, said their discussions ranged from trade to space exploration to climate change to the Islamic State threat in the Middle East.

“We already have the foundation of a strong partnership,” said Modi, seated beside Obama. “We now have to revive the momentum and ensure that we get the best out of it for our people and for the world.”

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