ISIS: A maritime threat

Potential threat already being acted on.

ISIS: A maritime threat, navies taking no chance

Allan Jacob

Largest naval exercises get underway in Middle East 

International navies are working together to keep maritime threats at bay in regional waters as the Middle East and the world grapples with the rise of terror groups like the ISIS in Syria and Iraq. The focus may be on the war against the ISIS in these battle-ravaged countries but it is possible the group could turn their eyes to the high seas, said senior naval officials in the Bahraini capital where the US Navy’s 5th Fleet is based.

“They (ISIS) have aspirations, but we must be prepared,” said Vice Admiral John W. Miller, Commander, US Naval Forces Central Command, 5th Fleet and Combined Maritime Forces, as the US Navy leads the world’s largest naval drill, the International Mine Countermeasures Exercise, with 44 participating nations and 6,500 personnel training over two weeks.

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