Kenya, Somalia in territorial dispute

Concerns dispute could easily escalate and further destabalise region. 

Kenya and Somalia could go to war on territorial row

By Amukowa Anangwe

Nairobi; Kenya: On August 28, this year, Somalia took Kenya to the International Court of Justice to resolve a long-standing dispute over the maritime boundary in the Indian Ocean. Kenya’s view has been the maritime boundary should run east from the point where it touches the Indian Ocean, whereas, Somalia differs and argues that if its border with Kenya runs continuously from land into the ocean, it would take a south-east direction.

If Somalia had its way, Kenya would be worse off and would lose over 100,000 square kilometres of territorial waters, leaving a small triangle of a marine belt in Indian Ocean without free access to the high seas. Thus, the case is not a small matter for Kenya, and, thus, it deserves serious legal defence by drawing on multi-disciplinary insights.

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