USCG trains Djiboutian Coast Guard

Training aimed to improve understanding in a number of areas.

USCG personnel train Djiboutian Coast Guard

By Lt. Marquesio Robinson

DJIBOUTI – Homeported in Yorktown, Virginia the International Mobile Training Branch is the backbone of the U.S. Coast Guard’s effort to provide training worldwide.

Each year, working with the international affairs staff, members of MTB travel to countries around the globe providing technical training and consulting services in maritime law enforcement, small boat operation and maintenance, search and rescue, and infrastructure development for countries with waterway law enforcement programs. In FY2014, MTB conducted 60 deployments in 25 countries providing instruction to nearly 2000 students.

Recently a USCG Mobile Training Team comprised of Lt. Robinson, Senior Chief Maritime Enforcement Specialist (MECS) Walters, Machinery Technician 1st Class (MK1) Carpio, and Maritime Enforcement Specialist 1st Class (ME1) Merrick arrived in Djibouti to provide a two-week boarding officer course to 16 students from the Djiboutian Coast Guard (DJCG).

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