At least 30 dead in Libya oil attacks

Attacks forced port and terminal closures.

30 dead and 270 wounded from Libya Dawn’s forces in attack on oil ports

By Libya Herald staff.

Tripoli, 17 December 2014:

As of Wednesday morning, it was reported that nearly 30 members of Libya Dawn forces had been killed and 270 wounded since the beginning of its “Operation Sunrise” attack on Libya’s “Oil Crescent”, where the main oil ports are located.

The operation was launched last Friday by Libya Dawn for control of the oil facilities and ports located in eastern Libya.

According to a source from within the the Libyan National Army (LNA) which is loyal to the Thinni government and the House of Representatives, the air force (LAF) bombed a convoy of armed vehicles east of Sirte heading toward Bin Jawad, destroying most of them. The source added that the LAF had also bombed the “Operation Sunrise” operations room, causing a severe breakdown in communication between the different Libya Dawn units.

The Petroleum Facility Guards (PFG), led by federalist Ibrahim Jadhran, had also reinforced the Oil Crescent region with heavy weapons, backed by the Libyan Army, the source claimed.

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