Ghana worried about piracy

Piracy still a major issue in Gulf of Guinea.

Ghanaian minister worried about threat to the maritime and shipping industry -G7

Ms Hannah Serwa Tetteh, Minister of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday expressed concern about the threats to the maritime and shipping industry in the Gulf of Guinea over the last five years.

She said: “progressively there is a growing concern about the threats posed by piracy, armed robbery at sea, narcotics trafficking and illegal unreported and undocumented fishing within the gulf of Guinea as has been highlighted by various reports including the United Nations integrated strategy for the Sahel.”

Ms Tetteh said the increased incidence of the aforementioned criminal activities along the countries of the Gulf, with almost half of the reported incidence occurring off the coast of Nigeria and Cameroon and their gradual spread to other countries of the West African sub-region is extremely alarming.

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