India exports first warship

Big step for Indian shipbuilding. 

Meet the Barracuda – the First Warship India Will Export

Written by Sudhi Ranjan Sen

Coast Guard Ship Barracuda – a 75 ft by 15 ft vessel which can house 20-odd sailors – may be a small by warship standards, but it is a great leap for India.

Barracuda – designed and built by the Kolkata-based Garden Reach Shipbuilders – is India’s first warship which is to be exported. Mauritius is buying it for Rs. 350 crore. It will be handed over to Mauritius in another 10 days.

Two more ships are under construction at the Goa Shipyard – another Defence Public Sector Unit – and will be sold to Sri Lanka.

The off-shore patrol vessel will be used to police Mauritian waters, spread over 1.9 million square km, against piracy, smuggling, illegal fishing and drug trafficking. It will also provide logistical support, including search and rescue operations.

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