President commends Kenya Navy

Country celebrates navy anniversary.

President commends Kenya Navy in fight against drug trafficking

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has praised the role played by Kenya Navy in the fight against drug traffickers and piracy.
Kenyatta said the navy has also help deter attacks from other criminals using the sea in their illegal activities, recalling the recent destruction of a ship carrying drugs which he witnessed.

“Drug traffickers and other criminals had resorted to using the sea in their illegal activities.

“Building on its many successful interventions in connection with our territorial waters, our navy has disrupted several drug trafficking attempts,” he said in Mombasa during the 50th Anniversary Celebrations of the Kenya Navy.

Kenya has been identified as a drug transport hub for drugs going to Europe from Asia and Middle East. Traffickers have increasingly become smatter because of improved surveillance at the airports and have now resorted to using roads to reach their intended destinations.

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