Suspected Torm pirates prosecuted

Despite compensation pay out, prosecution ongoing. 

Suspected Torm pirates prosecuted

Denmark gave prosecuting nine Somali pirates who were accused of trying to hijack Torm Kansas. But right now the nine pirates are on trial in the Seychelles, where a verdict in the case is expected on February 1st.

“The nine are accused of three counts of piracy, including attempted attacks on the Danish ship Torm Kansas” says Henrik Holck Rasmussen, Commander of Esbern Snare, according to, quoting Ritzau.

The nine pirates each received 19,600 kroner in compensation from the Danish government because they had been detained for more than 24 hours before they were put in front of a judge. They were captured in the Indian Ocean on November 10th but only on November 23rd they stood trail in Copenhagen City Court in absentia. Since then, the prosecutor gave up and Esbern Snare sailed the pirates to the Seychelles and delivered them to the authorities. Here again, they stand accused of piracy and among other things, the attempt to hijack Torm Kansas.

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