New Rule Will See Expanded Use of AIS

US Coast Guard to enforce new AIS rules.

New Rule Will See Expanded Use of AIS for Safety & Security

By Andrew Loretta

The rules around Automatic Identification System (AIS) have once again changed.

Last week the U.S. Coast Guard formally published its final rule for the extension of carriage requirements that is intended to expand the use of AIS to improve the safety, security and efficiency of US waterways.

Starting March 2, 2015, the new rule will require more commercial vessels to properly install and operate either a USCG type-approved Class A or Class B AIS transceiver. Owners have until February 2, 2016 to comply or face a fine.

It is expected that more than 5,000 vessels will be affected by the new rule. These include:

  • vessels of 65 feet or more in length
  • towing vessels of 26 feet or more in length and more than 600 hp
  • vessels certified to carry more than 150 passengers
  • dredges that operate near a commercial channel
  • vessels engaged in the movement of certain dangerous cargo, or flammable or combustible liquid cargo in bulk

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