Risk Intelligence updates WAF advice

Confusing situation for shipping. 

The use of Nigerian Navy and Police with or without security advisors in private maritime security roles

Risk Intelligence has updated its briefing paper on the use of government security forces in Nigeria by private companies. This update is in light of the detentions of three vessels by NIMASA in January 2015 on the grounds of the unauthorised use of armed and unarmed security advisers. Subsequent communications in the press have led to some confusion about the situation.

It is important to note that the recent detentions and arrests were not made in the context of an unarmed security advisor, but rather in the context of a foreign PMSC making use of armed government security forces in contravention of existing orders by the Flag Officer Western Naval Command and in contravention of the MoU by the Nigerian Navy with the PMSC. The ‘unarmed’ advisor was in fact rendering training and supervision for an embarked armed security team.

The briefing paper was first published on MaRisk, Risk Intelligence’s subscription-based maritime security monitoring service.

The briefing paper comprehensively reviews the current situation in Nigeria and is available for download here on the Risk Intelligence website or via the link below.

Source: riskintelligence.eu

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