EU: Intolerable Inaction Costs Lives at Sea

Set Up Robust, Mediterranean-wide Search and Rescue Operation

EU: Intolerable Inaction Costs Lives at Sea

(Milan) – Reports of 400 lives lost in the Mediterranean between April 11-13, 2015, should force the European Union to implement a vast search-and-rescue operation, Human Rights Watch said today. Eleven bodies have been recovered so far from one confirmed shipwreck over the past few days.

“If the reports are confirmed, this past weekend would be among the deadliest few days in the world’s most dangerous stretch of water for migrants and asylum seekers,” said Judith Sunderland, acting deputy Europe and Central Asia director at Human Rights Watch. “But the unbearable number of lives lost at sea will only grow if the EU doesn’t act now to ensure search-and-rescue operations across the Mediterranean.”

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