Nigeria: pirate attacks cripple fishing

Pirates and foreigners blamed.

How Pirate Attacks Cripple Fish Trawling Business in Nigeria

By Godfrey Bivbere

Foreigners have been accused of deliberately collapsing the local fish trawling business and illegally taking over the business.

Some operators who spoke with Vanguard explained that the fish trawling business was huge and responsible for the employment of thousands of Nigerian youths as well as contributing to the economy of the nation in the early 80’s up till early 2000’s.

They observed that this trend changed when foreigners became interested in that sector of the economy and began to sponsor attacks on local fish trawlers operating in the country with the intetion to hijack the business.

Local operators blame the attacks on pirates who take over their ships, steal valuable properties and harvest by the crew after weeks at sea.

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