Who’s Really Killing Mediterranean Migrants?

It isn’t Europe. But Europe is playing into the murderers’ hands.

Who’s Really Killing the Migrants of the Mediterranean?

Smugglers send their desperate human cargo to sea with just enough fuel to reach the shipping lanes, where they cynically exploit sailors’ code of honor for the rescue


It isn’t Europe. But Europe is playing into the murderers’ hands.

Shamed into action by a boat disaster that’s now being chryoned on cable news as the worst shipwreck in Mediterranean history, politicians from the 28 European Union nations will meet again in Brussels tomorrow to iron out the specifics of several responses first proposed at an emergency meeting Monday in Luxembourg.

Among the EU’s pledges: expand search-and-rescue capabilities between Italy and Libya; better share the burden of caring for refugees among EU member states; and conduct “civil-military” operations to disrupt the human-smuggling networks and destroy the boats they dangerously pack with migrants and refugees and send to sea.

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Source: bloomberg.com

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