Australian policy won’t work in Med

Turning migrants back won’t work.

Italian navy chief sceptical of Australian solution to Med migrant crisis

Rome: An Italian navy chief on Tuesday poured cold water on suggestions Europe should adopt Australia`s policy of turning back migrant boats to end the current crisis in the Mediterranean.

A surge in both the numbers of migrants reaching Europe from north Africa and deaths at sea have led to calls for the European Union to consider a similar approach, with the aim of deterring people from contemplating the journey in the first place.

But Admiral Donato Marzano, who will host a seminar of navy supremos from 26 European countries here on Friday, suggested it would not be feasible, morally or practically, to start escorting barely seaworthy migrant boats back to conflict-wracked Libya when they were crammed full of people, including minors, pregnant women and others who could be seriously ill.

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