Damen Introduces New OPV Design

New design shown in Singapore.

Damen Introduces New OPV Design

Posted by Eric Haun

On April 20, Damen gave a sneak preview of its newly designed second generation offshore patrol vessels (OPVs) during the annual OPVs & Corvettes Asia Pacific conference in Singapore.

Damen’s Design & Proposal Manager Piet van Rooij explained how this new OPV has been configured for various missions.

According to the designer, this new generation of reconfigurable Damen OPVs is highly efficient and incredibly versatile. Damen’s Sea Axe hull shape is used for these second generation OPVs for improved seakeeping and low heave accelerations. This makes the vessel very comfortable, even in stormy sea states, Damen said. Since the hull is designed to reduce water resistance, the new OPV is also very fuel efficient and capable of speeds up to 25/26 knots.

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Source: marinelink.com

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