Windward Launches Next Gen MARINT

Windward Launches the Next Generation of MARINT, Finding Tomorrow’s Threat, Today

A unique maritime intelligence solution for security and intelligence agencies globally

Windward, a maritime data and analytics company, today announced the launch of the next generation of MARINT, a unique maritime intelligence solution. MARINT enables security and intelligence agencies to preemptively identify risks at sea, buying critical time to prepare and take action. Powered by the Windward Mind, the first maritime data platform to analyze and organize the world’s maritime data, MARINT discovers hidden behavior patterns, vessel networks and suspicious activities, providing unprecedented understanding of what’s happening at sea. The next generation of MARINT offers clients a powerful Early Warning system on ships of interest, and a Target Discovery system that reveals, for the first time, unknown threats at sea.

MARINT is the first to bring Activity-Based Intelligence (ABI) to the maritime domain, shifting the focus from individual targets to an analysis of all available data and revealing new and unknown targets. MARINT, already in wide use by navies, coast guards, customs and intelligence agencies worldwide, gives users the tools to tackle the unique challenges they face in a complex and ever-changing maritime arena.

“The oceans are today’s ‘wild west’ as ships, and those who send them, can easily conceal and manipulate their identities, activities and cargoes,” said Ami Daniel, Windward’s co-Founder and CEO. “The Windward Mind is transforming maritime data – massive, fragmented and unreliable – into knowledge, by mapping the individual DNA of each ocean-going vessel worldwide to create a full account of each vessel’s journeys, activities, ports of call, and identifying information. Powered by this unique data platform, MARINT is radically changing how security and intelligence agencies identify known and unknown threats at sea.”

With this new version, MARINT offers customers two powerful modules: an Early Warning system that provides real-time alerts on ships that match each agency’s interests and specific risk indicators, and a Target Discovery system that allows agencies to go beyond known threats to reveal unknown targets, with or without prior intelligence. The Target Discovery system automatically flags ships that deviate from their patterns of life – suggesting a possible new threat.  It also analyzes the patterns of individual ships known to be engaged in illicit activity and then finds others that fit similar patterns.

“In today’s complex and interconnected world, Activity-Based Intelligence allows the most sophisticated security agencies to identify unknown threats by analyzing massive amounts of data that reveal hidden connections and patterns,” said Omer Primor, Product Manager for MARINT. “We are excited to be bringing this approach to the maritime world, allowing our clients to shift from focusing on individual, known targets, to identifying previously undetected threats and patterns at sea.”

Windward is launching the next generation of MARINT at IMDEX ASIA, the leading maritime defense tradeshow, this week. To learn more about MARINT and see the power of the Windward Mind, visit Windward at IMDEX.

About Windward

Windward is a maritime data and analytics company, bringing unprecedented visibility to the maritime domain. Windward has built the world’s first maritime data platform, the Windward Mind, which analyzes and organizes the world’s maritime data. The Windward Mind makes the data accessible and actionable across verticals, from flagging criminal threats at sea to identifying new market trading opportunities. Windward’s data and insights are in wide use by intelligence, security and law enforcement agencies worldwide. Windward is now bringing the same unique data and insights to the world of Finance, giving traders, investors and analysts access to a gold mine of untapped market opportunities. For more information, go to


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