Call for SE Asia PMSCs

Territorial nature of waters causes legal issues.

MIMA: Hire private security to prevent pirate attacks

Bernard Cheah

KUALA LUMPUR: The Maritime Institute of Malaysia has called on shipping companies to hire private security to help prevent pirate attacks.

MIMA director-general First Admiral (R) Datuk Chin Yoon Chin said that shipping companies should consider beefing up security to protect the cargo they carry by hiring armed personnel onboard their ships to ward off possible hijacking or theft.

“For example, in the Gulf of Aden, companies hire protection personnel to deter pirates from attacking,” he said.

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One Reply to “Call for SE Asia PMSCs”

  1. W Harrison

    This is a good solution, however owners can end up paying $000’s for unprofessional low skilled operators, the photograph in the original story shows an operator firing from a poor firing position probably with an un-zeroed weapon.

    Owners need robust vetting processes so that they can only contract credible PMSC’s, the current systems which are generally a tick box exercise do not demonstrate the effectiveness of the individual operator only that the company has a good process and procedures.

    From my own experience having done many transits and having defended a vessel from an actual pirate boarding whilst conducting an unarmed transit in 2010, owners need to take more ownership of anti-piracy hardening and training of its crew this will give them some control and provide solutions which will assist in denying attacks and hijackings whist transiting other high crime areas.

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