Indonesia detains 3 hijackers

Suspects involved in hijacking in January.

Indonesian police detain three suspected tanker hijackers

Lily Bertha Kartika

North Sulawesi Marine Police have detained three alleged hijackers of the Indonesian-flagged tanker Rehobot.

They were named as La Ade Boy Tan aka Valentino, Machmud Manoppo, and Alko Pankey, and were detained at Nagrak, Gunung Putri. Out of 13 suspects, four are already on trial at Bitung State Court, while six remain at large.

According to the Indonesian Marine Police Law Enforcement chief Frederik Kalalembang, there was one mastermind behind the alleged hijack and fuel-siphoning incident on 28-29 January 2015; eight carried it out, helped by another four.

The police say the vessel was boarded by the hijackers using a speedboat. At the time, Rehobot was sailing from Bitung to Halmahera, Indonesia, carrying 1,100 tonnes of diesel oil worth around IDR200 million (USD14,000).

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