Iran to launch Sahand destroyer within months

“Increasing threat posed by piracy in the Gulf of Aden”.

Iran to launch Sahand destroyer within months

Reporting on the final phases in the manufacturing of the Sahand destroyer, Navy Commander has said it will be launched till March 2016.

Pointing to the deployment of an Iranian naval fleet to Russian territorial waters, Navy Commander Habibollah Sayyari stated that, “last week we hosted Russian naval fleets and we are hoping that our warships will dock at the Russian port city of Astrakhan same as the previous year.”

“Indeed, besides consolidating maritime relations with Russia, we are seeking promotion of maritime diplomacy and fulfillment of the Leader’s measures on the World’s seas,” he added.

Reffering to the presence of the 35th navy fleet in the Gulf of Aden, Sayyari asserted that, “currently 35 navy fleets are carrying out missions to provide security for Iranian ships.”

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