Oil tanker rescued from pirates

Iran claims another pirate victory…

Oil tanker rescued from pirates

The Iranian Navy commander has said that a pirate attack on an oil tanker was foiled by the 35th fleet of the Iranian Navy.

Underlining that in the recent years, there have been 189 cases of intense battles against pirates, the Iranian Navy’s Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayari stated that, “in the past few days, due to the peaceful conditions at the sea, pirates had increased their activities and the Iranian naval flotilla had to thwart their attacks for several times.”

“In the last clash which broke out on Monday, an Iranian oil tanker was attached by several pirate boats equipped with heavy machine guns and was released by the 35th fleet of the Iranian Navy,” added Sayari.

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Source: en.mehrnews.com

MSR: It seems odd that so many naval vessels and merchant ships transit the region with armed guards who rarely, if ever, come across the same roving bands of pirates the Iranian Navy have such an uncanny knack of finding…

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