Maritime Cyber Attacks: Changing Tides

Shipping still behind the curve.

Maritime Cyber Attacks: Changing Tides

By Kate B. Belmont

Front-page headlines revealing devastating cyber attacks on government agencies and the world’s largest companies have become a regular occurrence. Recent cyber attacks reported by the mainstream media include those against SONY, Anthem Health Insurance, the White House, the Office of Personnel Management, Ashley Madison, and even the Houston Astros.

As the list of companies and agencies that suffer cyber attacks grows longer, it is clear and undeniable that no industry is safe, and any company that relies on information and communication technology (ICT) must take the appropriate steps to protect itself against cyber threats. Although the maritime community has not yet garnered front-page attention as a victim of a recent cyber attack, make no mistake, the maritime industry is one of the most heavily targeted industries in the world and also suffers cyber attacks regularly.

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