Fuel Shortages Caused by Strike Disrupting Portugal’s Port Operations

April 16-17: A fuel shortage has arisen in Portugal due to a strike by
Portugal’s National Union of Drivers of Hazardous Material (SNMMP).

The airports in Faro and Lisbon are being impacted with delays and some cancellations, and have had to implement contingency plans. This reportedly includes tapping into emergency supplies, and advising aircrafts to refuel in Spain where possible prior to landing in Portugal.

Services such as the fire brigade and police are receiving priority at gas station. The crisis is affecting ports, public transport and gas stations.

Security forces were deployed to keep the fuel supply going. There are long lines at many gas stations. Around 200 stations have been closed due to the fuel shortage.

The SNMMP drivers have been on strike since Monday for better working conditions. According to the law, their strike may not endanger the delivery of fuels. The government has called on drivers to do the minimum supply required by law.

Source: Teller Report & IMG GlobalSecur

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