Maritime Crime
Nigerian Pirates

Marine Police hunt alleged pirates

Boat recovered but suspects still at large. Police on the trail for alleged Bayelsa pirates Abuja – Marine police officers attached to the Bayelsa State

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More Maritime Crime
11 pirates jailed EUNAVFOR

Surveillance Keeps Pirates At Bay

Naval presence suppressing Somali pirates. Military Surveillance Keeps Somali Pirates At Bay By Allan Odhiambo Military incursions on and off-shore Somalia have helped end piracy

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China: frigates converted to cutters

Jiangwei I class vessels used. China converting old frigates into coastguard cutters Andrew Tate, London - IHS Jane's Navy International Work appears to be underway to modify a number of Type 053H2G 'Jiangwei I'-class ...

MAST Weekly Update

Round up of Yemen and Libya news. MAST weekly update The aim of MAST’s weekly update is to provide a concise, simple and useful summary of current events in the maritime security ...
Indian Navy2

Indian Navy message to China

Delhi is showing its neighbour just how serious it is about its defence and the Indian Ocean. India sends China stern message with naval build-up NEW DELHI — In a dock opening ...

Piracy-free oceans – myth or reality?

Can lessons from Somalia be applied elsewhere? Piracy-free oceans - myth or reality? By Zhou Bo Counter-piracy in the Gulf of Aden could not have been more successful. No commercial ships have been ...

Zambia launches special forces marine unit

New unit to protect fisheries and border. Zambia launches special forces marine unit Zambian president Edgar Lungu on 26 July launched a new marine special forces unit to improve maritime security particularly ...

US Navy Needs More Ships

US Navy defends vital sea lanes. Navy Needs More Ships to Protect Sea Lanes, Retired PACOM Admiral Says By RICHARD R. BURGESS, Managing Editor ARLINGTON, Va. — The U.S. Navy is too small ...

Malacca pirates attack trawler

Armed robbery at sea remains common in region. Pirates hijacked fishing trawler in Malacca Strait POSTED BY SVILEN PETROV Pirates attacked the fishing trawler Maju Jaya in Malacca Strait in Tamiang water in North ...

Prioritizing Russia’s Navy Is Pointless

West views it as 'work in progress'. Prioritizing Russia's Navy Is Pointless (Op-Ed) By Mark Galeotti As President Vladimir Putin joined the annual Navy Day celebrations in Kaliningrad on Sunday, and at the same time approved a new Maritime Doctrine, ...

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