Mostaganem Port Workers Go On Strike In Algeria

April 28: Workers at Mostaganem commercial port went on strike to demand higher wages, contractual changes and the reinstatement of dismissed workers. Tens of workers blocked access to the port management’s offices but there were no reports of violence. The extent of disruption from the strike, as well as its planned duration, were not clear from media reports.

Source: PGI Ltd.

The workers’ strike at the port comes amid larger-scale protests across Algeria, which began on February 16, 2019. Those protests have been part of a movement that has been nicknamed the ‘Smile Revolution’ (for its intent to remain peaceful) and which began the week after Abdelaziz Bouteflika announced his candidacy for a fifth presidential term. Amid the large-scale protests, Bouteflika withdrew his candidacy on March 11 and – following pressure from the military – resigned from his presidency on April 02 2019.

The April 28 strike also began shortly before the annual ‘Workers’ Day‘, which is often celebrated in areas around the world by strikes, marches, and protests by workers.

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