3 Truck Drivers Killed During Protest Against Corruption at Tin Can Island Terminal in Lagos, Nigeria

December 01: Three truck drivers were reportedly killed during a conflict with dock workers at the second gate of  Tin Can Island Port in Lagos, Nigeria. The incident reportedly began when some of the truck drivers protested against paying what they called a bribe of N20,000 to allow the trucks to pass into the port. In protest, the drivers blocked the entrance/exit to the garage to prevent further extortion, but that a gunfight ensued killing three of them.

Speaking to local media, a driver at the port reported, “it was mandatory for all trucks that want to load from TinCan First or Second Gate to move from the garage to the port. Surprisingly, some corrupt people comprising NPA, Port Police and dock workers saw it as an opportunity to make money. […] They started passing trucks directly to the port with N20,000 to N25,000 per truck. This means those who paid such money would bypass the garage and move into the port directly. […] The government should also remove those Port policemen because they are the major cause of the problem. They should deploy other policemen or even navy. Those port police are working for their pockets,” he said.”

Source: The Nation Online / Precious Igbonwelundu

The conflict comes approx. two weeks after clashes between officials of the Nigerian Ports Authority and Customs personnel over port access control.

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