Philippine Police Attacked By Suspected Smugglers Near Purok Kulasi (Makar Port)

November 28: Policemen of the 1201st maritime police station were attacked while returning to their post at the Makar port aboard an inflatable boat at approx. 04:00 LT. An unknown number of attackers fired at the inflatable boat, causing the vessel to capsize about 200 meters from the shores of Purok Kulasi. At least four policemen were injured in the attack – one of which later succumbed to his wounds – while another is missing. The policemen were able to return fire, but the status of their attackers is unknown. Authorities reportedly have several suspects, whom they plan on charging in the coming days.

The 1201st maritime police station had previously launched patrol operations in Sarangani Bay following reports of an incoming shipment of contraband cigarettes from Indonesia.

Source: Philippine News Agency

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