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  • Somalia denies opposing funding

    Somalia has denied opposing funding for Kenya’s navy to fight Al-Shabaab, saying they only thought it would be more expensive than building it’s coast guard. Somalia denies opposing funding for […]

  • Security Council Extends AU Mission

    The Security Council this morning reauthorized the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) to maintain its deployment for four months, until 7 March 2013, while deciding to expand the United […]

  • Moving on Kismaayo

    After nearly a year in Somalia, Kenya is preparing to commence its assault on Kismaayo, Al-Shabaab’s strategic and financial outpost, and the current front line of the concerted counter-insurgency campaign […]

  • Kismayo Shelled

    In preparation for the ground forces to capture the port town of Kismayo, the Kenyan Navy has shelled the only remaining significant stronghold of al-Qaeda-linked militants Kenya navy shells Somali […]

  • The Wider Picture

       Somalia’s Piracy Compromises Its Neighbors The al Qaeda-allied Somali terrorists of Al-Shabaab (“The Youth”), and the pirates that comprise their “navy,” have repeatedly gained world attention—and then been forgotten. […]

  • Fighting al Shabaab

    Western powers have been backing efforts to crush al Shabaab as they worry Somalia has become a safe haven for Islamist militants seeking to wreak havoc in the region and […]

  • Piracy and Terrorism

    Two decades have passed since Americans last worried about instability in the Horn of Africa, today Americans and the international community are drawn back toward Somalia and her people as Islamic […]

  • Radio Ga-Ga

    A Somali radio station has awarded assault rifles and hand grenades to the winners of a children’s Qur’an recital competition. Andalus radio, which is run by al-Shabaab militia, said on […]

  • Air Strikes

    An Al Shabaab commander as well as residents have claimed that helicopters attacked military camps near the southern city of Kismayo. Two Al Shabaab fighters were said to have been […]

  • Terror Links

    Lloyd’s Underwriters are reviewing US assertions that ransoms paid to Somali pirates may fund terrorism. Kenya’s government estimates 30 percent of the ransoms are channelled to al-Shabaab. “We would not […]