Tag: climate change

  • Risk and Rewards

    Lloyd’s of London has published research by think-tank Chatham House into the “unprecedented and disruptive change” currently underway in the Arctic region and its implications for shipping, as well as […]

  • High North Policy

    China’s application to join the Arctic Council as a permanent observer strongly points to Beijing’s ever growing interest in High North policy. Icebreaking In The Arctic By Marten Lindberg When […]

  • The Arctic Ocean

    Melting ice in the Arctic may not be good for species that live there, but it does mean those icy waters are much more accessible and cost-effective places to drill […]

  • Impact of Global Warming

    According to Mahlon Kennicutt II, a professor and researcher of oceanography at the Texas A&M University, changing global climate due to current and forecast warming could severely impact U.S. naval […]

  • New Report Focuses on Climate Challenges to Naval Forces

    WASHINGTON (NNS) — The National Research Council of the National Academies released the “National Security Implications of Climate Change for U.S. Naval Forces” report, March 10. The newly-released study was […]