The Arctic Ocean

Melting ice in the Arctic may not be good for species that live there, but it does mean those icy waters are much more accessible and cost-effective places to drill for oil and gas.

In this week’s edition of MSR InDepth, ‘The Arctic Ocean – Maritime Security Challenges’, two highly distinguished experts, Paul Beaver and Malcolm Warr, explain how climate change is turning the Arctic into a new Klondike and what the Maritime Security implications and considerations are.

The briefing coincides with an interesting and topical article published earlier this week by the Financial Times; ‘Chinese tycoon seeks to buy tract of Iceland’. Critics fear that this could provide Beijing with a strategic foothold in the North Atlantic and have warned that the project could provide cover for China’s geopolitical interests in the North Atlantic. See MSR’s ‘Chinese Base in the Arctic?’ for a link to the Financial Times article.

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