Evidence Trail

According to reports emerging from India there is increasing evidence suggesting that Somali sea pirates are being trained in Pakistan.

While the news has taken on an air of propaganda, the claims state the pirates are training to carry out a “proxy war against India”.

Indian security agencies have long hinted at a Pakistani link to local piracy, now however it is believed that material evidence to support this assertion has recently been recovered.

The evidence was obtained from nine foreign nationals caught from a hijacked Iranian vessel — “MV Nafis-1”, by the Indian Navy off Mumbai on August 14.

The vessel was brought to Porbandar on August 15 and those arrested — five Yemenis, two Tanzanians, one Kenyan and one Somali national — were handed over to Porbandar police.

Full details of the evidence to support the claims has not yet been released, but this could be yet another interesting twist in the tale.

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