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  • FTC Warns of Ongoing Scams Using Coronavirus Bait

    Source: Bleeping Computer / Sergiu Gatlan February 11: The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) warns about ongoing scam campaigns that make use of the current Coronavirus global scale health crisis […]

  • Mac Malware Increasing Rapidly

    Source: ZDNet / Danny Palmer February 11: […] Researchers at cybersecurity company Malwarebytes analysed a year of data on cyber attacks targeting its customers and found that malware attacks and other malicious […]

  • FBI is Investigating More Than 1,000 Cases of Chinese Theft of US Technology

    Full Text / Source: ZDNet / Catalin Cimpanu February 09: Members of the US government held a conference in Washington this week on the topic of Chinese theft of intellectual […]

  • People Not As Good At Spotting Phishing As They Think They Are

    Source: ZDNet / Tom Foremski January 30: Most people say they know about phishing and what it involves, yet just 5% were able to correctly identify all types of scams […]

  • The Top Ten Software Flaws Used By Cyber Criminals

    Source: ZDNet / Danny Palmer February 04: Over half of the most common security vulnerabilities exploited by criminals to conduct cyber attacks and distribute malware are more than a year old, and […]

  • London Offshore Consultants Suffer Maze Ransomware Attack

    December 30: UK marine engineering consultancy London Offshore Consultants (LOC) Group has been hacked by a group known as Maze. The company, with more than 400 employees, saw its computers […]

  • UK Updates Ports Cyber Security Guidance

    January 27: The UK Department for Transportation has updated their Cyber Security for Ports and Port Systems good practice guide. This updates the previous 2016 version, and provides actionable advice […]

  • Patching the Citrix ADC Bug Doesn’t Mean You Weren’t Hacked

    Source: Bleeping Computer / Ionut Ilascu January 26: Citrix on Friday released the final patch for the critical vulnerability tracked as CVE-2019-19781 in its affected appliances. Many organizations are still […]

  • Report Suggests 10% of All Macs Attacked By Shlayer Trojan

    Source: Bleeping Computer / Lawrence Abrams January 25: Many people think that malware only targets Windows and that Macs are safe, but a new report shows how a single Apple […]

  • Ako Ransomware Uses Spam to Infect Its Victims

    Source: Bleeping Computer / Lawrence Abrams January 15: It has been discovered that the network-targeting Ako ransomware is being distributed through malicious spam attachments that pretend to be a requested agreement. […]