Tag: Gulf of Aden

  • Restricted Visibility

    Thick dust blew has been blowing off the coast of Somalia and over the Gulf of Aden in early August 2011. The NASA’s Aqua satellite captured the dust plumes which […]

  • Attack Foiled

    The Indian Navy warship “Godavari”  foiled a pirate attack on a Greek merchant vessel in the Gulf of Aden when it launched a helicopter and marine commandoes forcing eight Somali […]

  • Strike Calls

    There are rumblings of a seafarer strike across India, Bangladesh and Malaysia, of sailors refusing to travel the Gulf of Aden corridor. The strike plans are, according to Abdul Gani Serang, […]

  • Spending Spree

    Cosco Shipping Co Ltd plan to spend about $12 million on armed guards and other measures this year for protection against piracy in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian […]

  • Weather Window

    Stormy weather has reduced piracy attacks giving temporary relief from the worst effects of maritime crime and violence. Attacks on vessels plying the international waters off the Gulf of Aden […]

  • Chinese Fleet

    A Chinese navy fleet comprising a frigate, destroyer and a supply ship was on Saturday dispatched to the Gulf of Aden on an escort mission, Xinhua reported. The ships left […]

  • Aussie Efforts

    The Royal Australian Navy frigate “HMAS Toowoomba” has commenced patrols in the Middle East. The tour is as part of Operation SLIPPER, Australia’s military contribution to the international campaign against terrorism, […]

  • On Station

     Iranian Navy Deputy Commander Rear Admiral Seyyed Mahmoud Mousavi said Iran’s Navy has thus far escorted about one thousand cargo ships and oil tankers. He added that Iran’s Navy would […]

  • Iran Rescue

    An attempt by the Somali pirates to hijack a container ship in the Gulf of Aden was stopped after Iranian warships rushed to the scene and attacked the pirates’ vessels. […]

  • Armed Rise

    Shipping companies are being forced to use armed guards, after record numbers of attacks last year added $2.4 billion to costs. About 20 percent of ships in the Indian Ocean […]