Tag: Gulf of Aden

  • Combating Maritime Piracy

    Maritime piracy has been on the rise for much of the past decade, even as international efforts have helped reduce the number of successful hijackings.  The Oceans Beyond Piracy initiative […]

  • Winds Reduce Attacks

    Harsh conditions at sea have led to a drop in the frequency of pirate attacks off the coast of Somalia. According to one senior Commander with the EUNAVFOR “The Monsoon winds is […]

  • Coordinating Escorts

    India, China and Japan recently agreed for better coordination among their naval ships deployed for escort of merchant vessels in the piracy-infested Gulf of Aden India, China and Japan join […]

  • Gulf of Aden Security Review

    The American Enterprise Institute’s updated Gulf of Aden Security Review: Yemen: Al Qaeda-linked militants seize southern town; Norwegian UN official kidnapped; Foreign Minister hints at election delay; heavy clashes between al Houthis […]

  • Fighting Pirates with Science

    Piracy is a serious problem in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean. While NATO, Russian, Iranian, and Chinese ships all escort merchant vessels through the Gulf of Aden, […]

  • Hijacked Tanker

    Somali pirates have hijacked a Greek-owned chemical tanker in the Gulf of Aden with a crew of 22 people on board including an unarmed guard, a regional maritime expert said […]

  • Hornet’s Nest

    Kenya’s campaign to destroy al-Shabab’s capability to conduct kidnapping raids and damage its piracy operations in the Gulf of Aden was a mistake, J. Peter Pham, director of the Michael […]

  • Russian In

    A Russian Udaloy class destroyer has started escorting its first convoy of nine commercial vessels after a recent arrival to the Gulf of Aden. A new task force from Russia’s […]

  • New Resource

    The Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia has launched its official website at www.thecgpcs.org. The Contact Group, or CGPCS is a voluntary, ad hoc international forum of […]

  • Warded Off

    Attacks by Somali pirates on two cargo ships in the Gulf of Aden were thwarted by an Indian Navy warship last week, navy officers claimed. “INS Sukanya”, an offshore patrol […]