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  • Labuan Marine Police Report Successes Over Previous Year

    Source: The Sun Daily / Bernama January 28: Marine police in the Malaysian federal territory of Labuan report that they have disrupted smuggling activities with a total seizure worth more […]

  • 40 Kidnappings Prevented in ESSZone Since 2018 According to Malaysian Authorities

    Source: New Straits Times / Bernama January 28: According to a recent statement, security forces have thwarted 40 kidnapping attempts in the waters off seven districts in the Eastern Sabah […]

  • Fast patrols for Philippines?

    New assets would ensure greater coverage. Philippine Navy open for fast craft purchase Procurement of more fast craft would bolster the Philippine Navy’s response in addressing the country’s internal security […]

  • Hike in Nigeria shipping costs

    Maritime security still…insecure. Shipping cost to Nigeria increases 60% as pirates’ attacks Continue Ezekiel Enejeta Cost of shipping goods to Nigeria has increased rapidly due to rising pirates’ attacks on […]

  • ASEAN nations sign accord

    The 10th ASEAN Defence Ministers’ Meeting Joint Declaration laid out the ASEAN countries’ commitment to promoting regional peace and security.   ASEAN defence ministers sign joint declaration on combating terrorism […]

  • Anti-piracy force plan for the Gulf

    Possible regional force proposal discussed again. Anti-piracy force plan for the Gulf Bahrain backed a call to establish a special maritime force to tackle growing problems of pirates attacking fishermen […]

  • Nigerian Navy claims oil theft reduced

    Yet crew kidnaps and pirate attacks continue. Jibrin: Navy Has Achieved Drastic Reduction in Crude Oil Theft The Chief of Naval Staff (CNS), Vice Adm. Usman Jibrin, has said that […]

  • Chasing West Africa’s pirates

    Piracy and maritime crime in the Gulf of Guinea under the spotlight. Danger zone: Chasing West Africa’s pirates By Mary Harper Take a boat ride out from the Nigerian port […]

  • Use satellite to monitor waters: MP

    The Government has been urged to consider using satellite to monitor maritime activities  Use satellite to monitor Sabah’s waters: MP Kuala Lumpur: The Government has been urged to consider using satellite […]

  • Paying for Lives

    The news of the release of Judith Tebbutt has brought the subject of the payment of ransoms back to the front pages of British newspapers. Somalian Piracy: the price of […]