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  • UAVs to Start Patrolling Some Ports for Environmental Infringements

    May 20: Regulators are bracing for rules that are meant to lower shipping’s emissions of sulfur oxides, pollutants blamed for acid rain and aggravating human health conditions like asthma. Because […]

  • Singapore To Increase Criminal Penalties for Not Meeting Low Sulfur Fuel Requirements From Next Year

    April 03: Singapore has a message for shipping companies considering cheating on rules starting next year to combat pollution to save a few dollars on their fuel bills: don’t. Captains […]

  • Rule of Law to Counter Piracy

    In this interview with David Hammond, he describes the planning, establishment and delivery of EUCAP NESTOR Counter-Piracy Legal Advisory Programme for East Africa as lead lawyer. EUCAP NESTOR: Bolstering the Rule […]

  • PMSC Accreditation Process

      Authorisation of the use of armed guards on board of Belgian Flagged vessels. Maritime Security Review has received and reviewed copies of the legal enactments. PMSC Accreditation Process Maritime Security […]

  • Armed Stance

    Ships sailing under a British flag will be able to carry armed guards to protect them from pirates, the British prime minister David Cameron has announced. He says he wants […]

  • Flag Waivers

    Cyprus’s government is preparing a change to the law that will allow its merchant ships to carry gunmen as protection against pirates, Cyprus News Agency reported, citing a shipping official. […]

  • Court Appeal

    The piracy conviction of five Somali men who launched an attack on a U.S. warship off the coast of Africa is headed to an appeals court. Attorneys for the five […]

  • Utter Chaos

    Indian police along with other central agencies, who have been interrogating 21 Africans – which include 18 Somali nationals, two Yemen nationals and one Tanzanian – are yet to decide […]

  • Gun Law

    The Italian government is acting to allow Italian-flagged merchant ships to have armed guards on board. A decree has been passed which will be converted into law. Italian shipowners’ have […]