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  • Navy arrests 6 Malacca strait pirates

    Gang of robbers apprehended.  Navy arrests six Malacca strait pirates The Indonesian Navy has apprehended six pirates involved in a sea piracy network operating in the straits of Malacca and […]

  • Troubled Asian waters

    Hijackings continue to cause concern. More hijackings in troubled Asian waters Pirates have so far this year hijacked 13 vessels in Asian waters. Compare this to last year, where there […]

  • More hijacking incidents in S.E. Asia

    New incidents raise the total number of ships hijacked to 16 since April. More hijacking incidents in S.E. Asia Although there has been little in the way of official confirmation, […]

  • Pirates prefer energy cargo

    Black market for oil proves lucrative for thieves. Pirates prefer energy cargo – Analysis By Vijay Sakhuja Early this month, pirates released the hijacked MT Sunrise 689, a small product […]

  • Police verifying tanker hijack

    Police verifying reported hijacking of tanker Sunrise 689 amid rumor of staging Vietnamese police are verifying the authenticity of a case in which sailors of the oil tanker Sunrise 689 […]

  • Returned oil tanker under investigation

    MT Sunrise 689 was released last week after hijack. Returned oil tanker under investigation The oil tanker Sunrise 689, which once reportedly lost contact after leaving Singapore for Vietnam on […]

  • Tanker Captain tells of ordeal

    Sunrise 689 released after hijacking in Southeast Asia. Vietnamese tanker captain tells of harrowing pirate ordeal By Phan Hau – Le Quan The Vietnamese diesel tanker crew that was taken by […]

  • Vietnamese tanker crew freed by pirates

    Hijackings for oil product cargoes continue in S. E. Asia Vietnamese tanker crew freed by pirates A Vietnamese oil tanker which went missing last week was seized by pirates who […]

  • US Navy close to using robotic boats

    Demonstration uses 13 boats to escort a ship along James River. US Navy close to using robotic patrol boats as escort vessels In the event of conflict, America could use […]

  • Pirates board tanker in Malacca Strait

    Did activation of SSAS prevent full hijacking? Pirates board tanker in Strait of Malacca Angela Yu A tanker vessel was boarded by six armed pirates en route to Yangon, Mynamar, […]