Tag: maritime pirates

  • Foreign Attacks

    Foreign security agencies launched an attack at a pirates’ base situated a few miles from the Kenya-Somalia border, killing and injuring several unknown suspected pirates. The base, near the Kenyan […]

  • Vessel Re-taken

    British and US naval forces have rescued 23 hostages from an Italian ship hijacked by Somali pirates. The 56,000-tonne bulk carrier Montecristo was hijacked 620 miles (1,000km) off Somalia on […]

  • Guarded Response

    Further details have emerged about the pirate attack on the “Ocean Rig Poseidon” drillship off Tanzania. Pirates attacked the 228-metre long vessel from a small boat at approximately 08:00 as […]

  • Drill Attack

    Somali pirates have targeted a new Ocean Rig drillship off Tanzania. Seven pirates in a skiff armed with weapons launched an attack on the Petrobras operated 96,000-dwt “Poseidon” (built 2011) […]

  • Express Arrival

    Twenty six sailors and a crew of a Cypriot flag ship who were abandoned by Somali pirates after their hijacked ship caught fire have safely arrived at the port of […]

  • Travellers Targeted

    High seas pirates, which have preyed on tankers and cargo ships, are expanding and becoming an increasing menace to tourists and corporate travellers. The most jarring example of growing boldness […]

  • Hitting Ashore

    The one issue which unites the maritime industry is the belief that pirates will be defeated not at sea, but ashore. According to a report from Lloyd’s List, Keith Blount, […]

  • Attack Foiled

    A chemical oil tanker foiled a hijack attempt by pirates near the Omani port of Salalah on Sunday, a day after a tanker and crew were snatched from inside the […]

  • Family Deal

    Pirates have spoken of a deal being reached for the release of the Danish yachting family. Sources close to the pirates confirmed that they had reached a ransom deal with […]

  • Nabbed Ashore

    14 Somali pirates and 3 Yemen nationals were nabbed by police off the Indian coast on Monday (June 20). The group had landed ashore in a boat after it ran […]