Tag: maritime technology

  • Sonardyne demonstrates security system

    Sonardyne International Ltd., has successfully demonstrated its NiDAR security system as part of an integrated surveillance system for a critical infrastructure facility in the US. Sonardyne demonstrates integrated dam security […]

  • Cooperative Data Centre for Gulf region

    The Kingdom of Bahrain has extended an open invitation to all GCC states to join the Cooperative Data Centre, which will increase maritime domain awareness. Bahrain’s Ministry of Transportation Ports […]

  • Underwater Defence and Security

    Nations gather to discuss underwater challenges in the modern environment. With the underwater environment posing an ever increasing threat for navies worldwide, with particular emphasis on submarine developments, legal challenges, […]

  • Beam Communications

    [SatNews] Beam Communications Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of World Reach Limited (ASX: WRR), has announced that the satellite piracy solutions… …for secure communication on board a vessel will […]

  • EUROPORT 2013

    ‘Pioneers in maritime technology’ is the theme of the 2013 edition of the international maritime exhibition EUROPORT. Pioneers in maritime technology will gather in Rotterdam to preent advanced technology and […]

  • Nanotechnology Manned Vessel Launched

    Zyvex Marine, a division of Zyvex Technologies, the world’s first molecular nanotechnology company, announced the global launch of the LRV-17. The advanced Long Range Vessel is designed for fuel efficiency […]

  • Aero-Citadel

    Imabari Shipbuilding has developed the Aero-Citadel, a newly designed superstructure which brings to realization both energy efficiency and anti-piracy measures. Energy efficiency The Aero-Citadel is a superstructure with slimly streamlined […]

  • ECDIS Training

    The UK based firm Kelvin Hughes has supplied 25 MantaDigital™ ECDIS Training Systems with Chartco’s Passage Manager to the Singapore Maritime Academy (SMA). Singapore Maritime Academy meets class-approved status with […]

  • Crew Location Device

    Voyage Manager and Omnisense have teamed up to develop what they call the world’s most advanced system for locating passengers and crew in real time, aimed at improving response times […]

  • LRAD

    Long Range Acoustic Hailing Devices, more commonly known as LRAD, enable vessels to hail, notify and warn approaching vessels at significant ranges with clear voice or prerecorded messages in any language.  […]